cellular dual signal booster GSM/DCS 900/1800MHz mobile phone signal repeater sunhans china supplier

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10000 Set/Sets per Month
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Model Number:
Booster Model:
Up link gain:
Down link gain:
Max output power:
50 Ohms
Compact design:
Indoor use
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
1 x SH-G09D18-D2 dual-band repeater
1 x 10m coaxial cable
1 x 8dBi indoor antenna
1 x 12dBi outdoor antenna
1 x power supply
1 x user manual
Delivery Time
2 d2 working days after received payment

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cellular dual signal booster GSM/DCS 900/1800MHz mobile phone signal repeater sunhans china supplier

Product Description


Features & Benefits:



Frequency 900/1800MHz, Max. gain 65dB;

Aluminum-alloy case by CNC, anti-interference;

ALC technology, Small size, Safe & Power saving;

For large areas and big house, office....

Full kit, easy to install.

Packaging & Shipping


1 x SH-G09D18-D2 dual-band  repeater

1 x 10m coaxial cable

1 x 8dBi indoor antenna

1 x 12dBi outdoor antenna

1 x power supply

1 x user manual

Shipping Way:

We can ship out the goods by DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS, Aramex,

China post, HK post and etc.you can choose a suitable shipping way.


1) How it works

The outside antenna (sold separately) captures a voice, 3G/4G/LTE signal and transfers it to the booster.

The booster receives the signal and amplifies it. Then it transfers the signal to the indoor antenna (sold separately).

Your mobile devices get a stronger signal, fast and consistent data speeds.


2) Benefits

Improved inside cellular voice and data signal

Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds

Faster data downloads

Reduce radiation and increase battery life, up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas

Increase cellular coverage for an area up to 600sq.m.*
Cellular coverage may vary depending on in-building obstructions and antenna type used


1.What are cell phone signal boosters?

Cellphone Signal boosters are devices that can help cell phone users improve their coverage in areas where they do not get a good signal. For example, signal boosters can be placed in homes or cars to provide increased signal strength for cell phones, which may let the user complete a call in areas where they previously couldnt. When these devices are properly installed, they can help consumers, wireless service providers, and public safety first responders by extending cell phone coverage to areas that would otherwise have weak signals such as tunnels, subways, inside buildings, and in rural areas.

2.Who needs a cellular phone signal booster?

If you are tired of being part of the 72%+ of wireless phone users having trouble maintaining cell phone signal strength inside a home, you need a cellular phone signal booster. In order to improve the wireless service, the cell phone signal needs to be amplified. Sunhans has a line of sunhans products for the Home that boosts indoor cell phone signal. You won’t have to go outside or to a window to use your cell phone again.

3.What is a basic wireless signal booster system and how do I know if it will work for me?

A basic system includes an outside antenna to collect the signal from the cell tower, a signal booster to boost the signal, an inside antenna to broadcast the improved signal over the inside of the building or vehicle and cabling to connect the three parts together.

A wireless signal booster system will work for you if you can make a cell phone call from where-ever you might put the outside antenna. If you can make a call from outside of your vehicle or from the roof of your house or building, the signal is probably strong enough for the system to help you.

4.Is a cell phone signal booster the same as a wireless router; will it help my WiFi signal?

Cellphone booster will not help your WiFi service. They are designed to work with mobile phones and devices. The WiFi in your home uses a different frequency: WiFi signal Booster.

5.Can using a cellular phone signal booster improve the battery life of my wireless phone?

Yes! Because Sunhans boosts the signal, the phone will consume less power to capture the cell phone signal, thus conserving the battery of the phone -- enabling you to talk longer.

6.What is the advantage of Sunhans booster?

ü New ideas, imported chip, high cost performance

ü Unique design,smaller and convenient

ü Home-used, security, power saving, easy to install